From Excitement to Stress: Understanding Job Offer Anxiety

May 8, 2023

Job Offer anxiety

Waiting to hear back from the hiring manager can cause a wide range of emotions. It's hard not to feel stressed or anxious when waiting for the "call." These feelings are commonly referred to as job offer anxiety. In this blog, we'll discuss how to deal with job offer anxiety and ways you can manage your emotions!

The Causes of Job Offer Anxiety

"stressed out"

Fear of rejection

You can feel all kinds of emotions depending on how your interview went. However, fear of rejection is one of the most common feelings that causes job offer anxiety.

High expectations

As people, we tend to have very high expectations for ourselves. Unrealistic or not, this can cause a lot of stress.

Financial pressure

In today's economy, the need for higher compensation is more important than ever. Feeling stressed over financial concerns can cause a lot of unrest.


Not only are we competing with our expectations and self-doubts, but we're also competing with other qualified candidates for the same job. This can make things significantly worse.

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Coping with Job Offer Anxiety


Focus on self-care

Deep breath. It's okay to have anxiety waiting for a job offer. Self-care is essential, and you should take time to rest!

Stay busy and proactive

While relaxing can help with anxiety, we understand everyone is different. Many people can benefit from staying busy and keeping their minds off things.

Seek support from family and friends

Friends and family are great outlets as they offer support during this time. Your family and friends have your best interest at heart, so talk to them about how you feel.


"cheer up"


Job offer anxiety is natural and affects us all differently. There are several ways to cope, and deciding what's best for you is up to you!

Regardless of how tough it may seem, remember to stay positive. You got the interview in the first place because you're qualified.

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