Career Seekers

US Enhanced Personnel is a licensed and certified staffing firm providing work for job seekers in North Carolina and beyond.

Contract Labor and Labor Jobs: There is no perfect time to look for your next job. You know you need a job and a paycheck. Maybe you're even ready to just take whatever job you can. We're here to change that, FAST!

We take the time to understand and get to know you. What your skills are, what type of position you're looking for. We take a look at the employer’s cultures their onboarding programs and make sure it's a good fit for you. FAST!

Professional Placement: Personal career path changes? Give us a call.

Limits for advancement opportunities, downsizing, or just the need to change direction, can mean you’re ready to look for other employment. We are here to help. Our recruiters have extensive networks to connect you to the right career. We work exclusively with companies that range from small businesses to corporate personnel. We will help you assess your potential and leverage your strengths to the right opportunity. Remember, with our Nationwide access….We live in the world of professional placement! Let us help.