Strategies for Attracting Top Talent

April 17, 2023

Female employees discussing work.

Attracting top talent is becoming more difficult in today’s work environment due to the demand and competition. What is top talent? Well, that differs from business to business. However, we define top talent as high-quality individuals who excel in their roles and go above and beyond for the organization. In this blog, we’ll discuss the best strategies to attract top talent. 

Develop a strong employer brand

Create a positive company culture

Creating a positive company culture doesn’t happen overnight. It takes leadership, commitment, and time. Strong leadership is needed to establish clear goals and expectations. Your employees need support and a clear understanding of their responsibilities. Top talent will examine the organization’s processes and determine whether they’d be a good fit. The overall structure of the company will not only attract top talent but will also benefit current ones. 

Highlight employee success stories

Praising your current employees for their work goes a long way toward the organization’s efforts at attracting top talent. If your employees do a good job, tell them! If a position opens within the company, look to hire within. Highlighting your employees for success shows top talent you appreciate and value who work for you. 

Internally, your current employees are your best promoters. They talk to their family, friends, and people within their network about working for your organization. Word will spread if people have favorable or unfavorable experiences working at your company. 

Leverage social media to showcase the company culture and achievements

Social media is a great promotional tool for your company. Platforms like LinkedIn are popular amongst business professionals. Posting events, giveaways, employee spotlights, and testimonials will help establish you as a desirable organization. Your online presence attracts others, and you never know who’s looking!

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Offer competitive compensation and benefits

Conduct market research to determine appropriate salaries and benefits

If you want the best, you must offer competitive compensation and benefits to attract the best. With competition at an all-time high, regardless of industry, making a competitive offer for someone you consider top talent is crucial. 

Start by researching industry averages for the roles you are trying to fill and go from there to create competitive packages. Once you have a good idea of what your competitors offer, try to find ways to differentiate yourself. 

Offer unique and attractive benefits

Many employers overlook the importance of benefits! Benefits help offset the costs of living for your employees. Because the job market is becoming increasingly competitive, career seekers are looking beyond salary to evaluate potential employers. Benefits like 401k match, PTO, healthcare, and travel reimbursement are a few ways you can demonstrate to candidates that your company values their well-being. 

Provide growth opportunities and career advancement

It is crucial to show future employees they have opportunities to grow and advance their careers at your organization. Most job seekers are looking for a place to build their skills and knowledge. Providing a clear path for growth and development within the company will increase job satisfaction and overall performance. 

Utilize a variety of recruitment channels

Employee referrals

Employee referrals are great for finding top talent. Your employees have large, diverse networks of highly talented and qualified people. Try reaching out to your employees to see if they know if anyone would be interested in an unfilled position. It also shows people within and outside your company that employees have a say on companywide decisions. 

Job boards and career websites

Job boards like Indeed and Glassdoor are tools you should use to find top talent. Long gone are the days of potential employees walking into the office and dropping off their resumes. Now you can post jobs online and get results instantly. 

Staffing agencies 

Hey! We’re right here. All jokes aside, staffing agencies are great options for getting top talent. With extensive knowledge across multiple industries, a staffing agency can leverage its connections to help you find the right person for the job! Staffing agencies help employers save time and resources by taking over the recruitment process. 

Now you have the tools to attract the next person who will go above and beyond for your company—interested in working with US Enhanced? Let’s connect and help streamline your search!